Kim K's Private Party Invite only 


Select your stencil and copy the code for quicker check out!


Please note the sizes available in your design right next to the stencil code. You can do 12x48 Porch Leaners, Trays,  and Coat Hangers too! 


For My Stocking Hanger Ladies: 

Use Stencil Code "Stockings Were Hung" 

Sizes available are: 

Our Standard  Stocking Holder is 12x48 (pictured above).

We can also offer 12x55 or 12x60 too.

If you need larger email me to discuss. ;) 


Feel free to BYOB and snacks as well. :) Please register 72 hrs prior to class so we can have time to prepare your wood and stencils. Thank you! 


REMEMBER: Copy your stencil code and size for faster check out! 

Kim K's Private Party 07/16 from 6-9pm